Renee offers a unique tour which allows you to penetrate the variegated aspects of this remarkable country through the lens of the law.  

Legal limitations and delineations permeate Israel's history and modern existence.  In Biblical times, it determined perimeters:  what areas belonged to which tribal allotment, where cemeteries should lie, where the nation's capital would be built, where farmers could avoid the imposition of national taxes. Legal delineations likewise inform our modern lives:  the Green Line, the security barrier, water rights, areas A, B and C, the borders with our friendly and less-than-friendly neighbors.  What breaches the law is determined by Knesset and by a court system of religious and secular courts.  More esoteric yet, are the legal and social limits placed upon biotechnical research and innovation, areas in which Israel leads the world.  

As a current lawyer and past civil rights judge, Renee believes that seeing Israel through the lens of its laws will give you a unique and in-depth perspective on Israel. This tour can be customized to take you from Ashkelon to Akko, or can focus on Jeusalem and the country's center. This tour offers a lecture by a University of Pittsburgh law professor in the area of biotechnology and visit to the bio-tech lab at Hadassah Hospital.

‚ÄčIf you are a lawyer, your jurisdiction may allow continuing legal education credits for this tour.

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