​​You are in Israel for perhaps five days, perhaps two weeks.  Without a doubt, you'll leave Israel with memories and photographs.   But you can return with much more than that. Your trip to Israel, whether it's your first or twenty-first trip,  can enrich your life.  So it's essential to experience what matters to you, and what will make a difference to you.

 ​What speaks to you? Is it tasting the sand-laced air of Mt. Masada or hearing the wind whistle over the cliffs of the Naftali Ridge? Catching your breath in the chill of the Jordan River, where Joshua led his people and John baptized Jesus?  Exploring the co-existence between Jews and Christians and Muslims, from north to south?  Do you want to be amazed by the hi-tech innovations of this start-up nation? Or do you feel like roaming the souks, the latest micro-breweries, dancing to the beat of Israel's new music? 

​Renee wants to create a trip that will enhance your life. She will take the time before your trip to explore what you know, what you want to know, and what you care about. And that goes for each member of your group. Renee will build an itinerary designed for who you are. When your trip is over, your few days in Israel will affect and inform the rest of your life.

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